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Welcome to Taylored Dental Care in Idle

No two people are alike... and neither are their dental needs!

That’s the simple philosophy behind a friendly, approachable dental practice that understands people are individuals – not ‘cases’. Dr Carl Taylor leads an accomplished team of professionals to offer the highest standards across three crucial areas of specialty:

  • Reconstructive work– repairing accidental damage or sorting out long-standing problems. We offer a full range of treatments from crowns and bridges to dentures and gum therapies.
  • Cosmetic work– boosting self-confidence by giving you the smile you always wanted. The most modern way is fast braces to straighten the teeth, then whiten and if needs be some bonding to help change form.
  • Maintenance– including preventative dentistry to make sure a healthy mouth stays healthy!

Join our growing list of satisfied patients...

Taylored Dental Care is committed to bringing first class cosmetic, reconstructive and preventative dentistry to the people of our area – not just Idle, Thackley, Shipley and Baildon, but also Yeadon, Rawdon, Guiseley, Calverley and beyond. We’ve successfully expanded our practice by giving people what they really want – the chance to choose from a full range of cosmetic and reconstructive options, clearly explained and set down in their own ‘Taylored’ treatment plan!

Carl Taylor
Lead Practitioner
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